No Borders

by The Dead Sparrows

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In 2010 we released a little EP that many loved - very much a studio EP. Over the past two years we have solidified our sound by playing many shows. The tracks on No Borders were moulded on stage, as opposed to in the studio...and you can feel it. Sometimes serious, sometimes silly - No Borders is an EP where at the end, you'll be wishing there were more.

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The No Borders EP will hit hard from start to finish brandishing our unique style of punk rock.


released July 15, 2013

Produced & engineered by The Dead Sparrows
@ Pappa D's recording Studio Carrying Place, ON

Mixed & Mastered by Jef Vandertogt



all rights reserved


The Dead Sparrows Quinte West, Ontario

The Dead Sparrows play joyous music fused from roots in punk, metal, folk, and alternative rock. The Dead Sparrows theme is one of rebellion, love, death & loss, in an era of advertising, marketing, and lattes.

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Track Name: Hickabilly Bob
Hickabilly Bob is a dinosaur
He knows what he wants, he always wants more!
But he ain't cool, man
Don't be a fool, man
or fuck you, man!

Or am I all alone?

Hickabilly Bob is a xenophobe
Sexist, racist, homophobe
And he ain't cool, man
Don't be a fool, man
or fuck you, man!

Am I all alone?

We are the wild
Running free
Like a pride
We can't be tamed
We are the ones
We'll set you free
Like a fire
Burning free

Or am I all alone?
Track Name: No Borders
How you want to breathe, how you want to love, how you want to care
How you want to love, man you should be here
Pumping from your heart, running through, wear it on your sleeve
What is in your heart, what is what you want, what is what you may

And you can live

See that field without fences?
You can go there!
Bleed out your mouth for the masses
You can go there!
Stop at a green, just to idle
You can go there!
Love as one, as whole

We live as one
We die as one
Track Name: Timothy
My name is Timothy
I go to school
I'm friends with Jonathan
He breaks the rules, and he said

You gotta break those rules!

Her name's Veronica
She is so cool and smooth
She goes to classes
And breaks the rules, and she said

You gotta break those rules!
Let's go!
Track Name: Legalize It
Well I smoke pot
and you smoke pot
he smokes pot
she smokes pot

Legalize it.
Track Name: Work Harder Support the Rich
I live on a planet
Not a corporate agenda
Work harder, support the rich
You gotta ease and sooth their fucking itch

Wake the fuck up!

You're not free
You're a slave to an economy
Pigs are rich, and you are poor
There's no hope now
It's 1984

Wake the fuck up!

Fuck borders
Fuck religion
Fuck economic obsession
Kill the planet
Fuck the poor
You're just another goddam whore

Corporation aren't your friends, man
They're you're enemy
They'll take your children
Rape your mom
Steal your culture
Take your pride
They'll sell your land for just one more taste of a polymer bill, that you can't even eat
You're not a human being
You're a consumerist
Oiling a fucking wheel that always squeaks
They'll sell your land for just one more taste of a polymer bill, that you can't even eat

Want to taste freedom?
Speak your mind?
Change the world?
Fight the power?
We'll kettle every last one of you.

Wake the fuck up!